Are You Looking To Save Money

Importing From China? 


Step 1: Product

Tell us the details about your product and its cost, even if its just a prototype. Our team in China will find the factory for you, samples will be provided before you sign it off for mass production.

Tell us the product you want

Step 2: Production

After the sample is confirmed, we will arrange production and then arrange quality checks based on your requirements.

Production & Quality Control

Step 3: Delivery

We will find the cheapest route and deliver the good directly to your door, we will take care of all the HMRC and documents.

Delivery to your Door


"World Source Logistics provided us with valuable assistance in our first trip to China in  Oct 2018. We struggled to understand where to begin. They assisted and supported us in many ways, from obtaining our visas, arranging accommodation as well as transport and guidance at the Canton Fair. We placed our first order through them and they handled the whole process for QC and all the logistical management. We can not recommend them highly enough."

—  United Development Homes ltd

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